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Jidoka - The Humanized Automation


Jidoka is a Japanese term which means intelligent or humanized automation. It is widely used in Lean Manufacturing and Toyota Production System.

Practically it means that an automated system process is fully aware of itself and it will know when to stop. This concept is used to minimize waste, defects and over production.
Automation is used to reduce defects that are neglected by human eye and to relieve the workers. These defects can be product related defects or process related defects.

- Product related defects: Sometimes even after packaging, product can break. This can’t be noticed by human eye but by applying an automation system one can find out and reduce these wastes.

- Process related defects: Any defect in the process can increase time of realizing, sorting and fixing the problem by a worker. Automation helps to reduce this time as the machine itself will realize any fault in the process and automatically stop it. Therefore, all the worker has to do is to fix the problem and the machine will start working again.



Workers may be able to detect many defects but it is impossible for them to detect all of them. It can be very time consuming and resource wasting. Ensuring that every process is free of defects can be very exhausting for the workers and this can affect the company badly as it can stop daily activities. Therefore it is a requirement for the companies to have a system that can work on its own self and detect defects without any manual help.

Jidoka is very useful for implementing in any company. Some of its advantages are:
- Helps in problem detection at any stage.

- Helps in production of defect free products.

- Provides effective utilization of resources and manpower.

- Helps in lowering costs

- Increases product quality

- Provides shorter product delivery time.

Winchester VA Dentist – 3 Tips To Get Cost Effective Dental Treatment


Do you find it difficult to manage on your existing income, so much so that dental care has become unaffordable? Dental checkups and treatment should always be done on a regular basis or else problems with teeth will just increase and they will become more costly and painful to treat. If your dental insurance cover is insufficient then you’ll definitely have to look at different ways to get the best possible treatment from your Winchester VA dentist.


The following tips will ensure that you can get the best possible dental treatment without having to spend too much money:

  1. Spend money on frequent dental checkups. You might find it very hard to justify the expense on checkups but they will ensure that any problems with your teeth are rectified before they become unmanageable and expensive. You need to fit at least two dental checkups every year during which you get your teeth professionally cleaned. You’ll then be able to avoid expensive treatments such as root canal surgery or dental crowns.

  2. Join a good dental discount plan. These plans are very popular these days because lots of people are finding it difficult to afford all the dental treatment they need. As a member of a plan, you will get attractive discounts on all sorts of procedures that might otherwise be completely out of your budget. Be sure to find out if your Winchester VA dentist is a member of a particular discount plan or else you might have to find another dentist.

  3. Enquire whether complicated treatments can be completed over an extended period. There are times when you cannot avoid getting a certain costly procedure. If your insurance or budget doesn’t cover it then you should have a discussion with your dentist regarding getting the treatment done in installments so that you can make payments in installments as well. Some dentists might also accept post dated checks so that you pay a small amount every month over a certain mutually agreed period.

Most Winchester VA dentist clinics are eager to offer affordable treatments in order to stay competitive but you might still not be able to fit dental treatment into your monthly budget. These tips will help you afford all the dental treatments you need without having you to make sacrifices. Your teeth will then be in great condition and you are unlikely to have bad breath, tooth decay or other dental problems.

Bottom Line: Dental care is becoming increasingly affordable because of the rising cost of living. Get tips on how to afford treatment from the best Winchester VA dentist.